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It's from the past that we learn from our mistakes.
It's the past that shows us which road to take and why.
It's the past that controls us all.
A lonely wizard was wandering through a plain of grass. He appeared to be searching for something, as he held an amulet in his hand. The amulet seemed to be old, and something appeared to be written on it. Other than that, it had a large, red sapphire in the middle of it.
“It should be here, somewhere. I feel that the amulet is reacting to something…”
The wizard started to run, while holding the amulet in a hard grip. His heart started to beat faster, as the sapphire started to glow. He let the amulet guide his way across the plain, which led him straight into a forest.
It was now reacting more than ever. The amulet now started to shake as well.
“Maybe this time…. Let’s hope so!”

Suddenly, the wizard ran straight out in an open field in the middle of the forest. He stared around him, turning his head at every direction.
“This must be the place! An open field, the amulet is shaking and the sapphire is glowing. It must be here, somewhere!”
As the wizard looked around him, someone spoke to him:
“Mortano, druickalva!”
A huge fireball came straight out of the other end of the field, and approached the wizard with fast speed. He thought quick, and pulled his staff while putting the amulet in his pocket.
As the fireball was about to strike, the wizard pulled up his staff, and the fireball struck a shield that has formed around the wizard! It was glowing purple, and disappeared after the blow.
He then raised his voice and yelled out to where the fireball had came from.
“Who are you?! Come out and show yourself!
All of a sudden, a fog appeared, enshrouding the field, making it difficult to see to the other side. The wizard felt magic in the air, black magic…
“It’s been a long time… Stefan!”
Someone was coming out of the fog. At first, Steve couldn’t see who it was. But when the figure stepped out of the fog, he stared at him and said:

Steve stared at the person who held a wand in his right hand, that currently was aimed at Steve. The fog started to disappear behind the man, as he smiled while waving his left hand.
Steve couldn’t believe this. It should be impossible, since he was the one who possessed the amulet. But somehow, he had been able to get to this world as well.
“He must have used the Portal!”

He then started to speak. Steve now noticed how dark the voice actually was, and how much hatred it seemed to have.
“Remember me, Stefan? Do you remember your old buddy?”
He laughed, and Steve found the laughter cold and he felt a chill running down at his back.
“How can I possibly forget you, Frizz?”
Steve received some memories in his mind, as he started to remember Frizz. That he and Frizz was once closest of friends at the planet Oligera. How they studied magic under one mentor, Alexander Jurenzi. How Steve told him that he was not a wizard from birth, and how Frizz used to talk about everything of his life.
But now, a different Frizz was standing on front of Steve, and he knew the reason.
Frizz then says:
“Are your memories starting to return to you, Stefan? Do you remember Oligera, and what we used to do? Then perhaps you also remember that special day… You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?
Of course Steve knew. All too well… That day, he started to remember earlier, the night when Steve was along with some friends on a beach, while he was staring into the flame which they had created.
“That day was not very special to me, Frizz, and you know it… It was that day that you lost your mind and went to the Black Tower to start study the more advanced skills of black magic!!”
Steve lost it. He started to feel a rage within him, a rage that he hadn’t felt since that day he just mentioned.
“That bastard! It’s like he doesn’t even care anymore!”
Frizz grinned, and put down his wand into his pocket.

“I prefer to call it the day that I could see the world with clear eyes. The day I abandoned the learning’s of the old fool Alexander, and embraced the words of a great black mage instead!”
He started to walk back and forth, seemingly calm and relaxed. Steve though was as alert as ever, he still held his staff in a tight grip, and watched Frizz’s every move.
“And why do you call me Stefan all of a sudden? You know that you can call me Steve.”
Frizz stopped, and turned to Steve.
“Oh? Do you deny your own identity, Stefan? Your name of birth? Perhaps it’s because of that…accident, hmm?
Frizz started to grin again, as he saw Steve’s reaction to what he had just said.

Steve stand as paralyzed as a memories lungs at him at full force, as he started to remember the day that he and Frizz had talked about:

He and Frizz were currently sitting in a tavern of some sort, enjoying a drink. The tavern was full of people, as the evening rush started to enter. People were laughing, music could be heard, and some gentlemen were playing a game of dice.
It was nearly impossible to move around in the tavern, as all the tables were taken. Luckily, Steve ands Frizz were sitting at a table for two persons only. And, it was located in one of the corners. So Steve and Frizz didn’t mind that much, all they wanted was to celebrate.
“Frizz, now we are officially done with our studies!”

“I can’t believe we would ever get Alexander’s blessing!”
They were currently celebrating the completion of their magic studies. For about six months ago, they had both been standing before the planet’s greatest wizard, Alexander Jurenzi, who, after a little discussion, became their mentor.
Now, after six months of tests, duels and curses, they had finally received Alexander’s blessing. Which meant that he now considered them as wizards.
Steve and Frizz had immediately started running down to the local city, which lied a few hundred meter from Alexander’s residence. Once there, they had went inside the tavern, and ordered two ales.
Now, they had been sitting here for about an hour, just talking about everyday life and what to do next. Frizz wanted to continue his studies, and Steve wanted, as always, to return home.
“Okey, maybe we should call it a day, Frizz? I can see the sunset through the window.”
Automatically, Frizz looked out the same window.
“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s get out of here. I have something to say to you, also.”
Steve looked at Frizz with a surprised look on his face.
“Oh? What is it, then?”
Frizz nodded at the door.

“I’ll tell you when we get out. It’s kind of…sensitive.”
Now, Steve was getting even more surprised. What was it that he wanted to tell him alone? They went over to the bar, and paid their drinks with 4 silver coins and 2 copper coins each, before they went outside.
At the moment they came out, Frizz started to walk out to the middle of the street, where he looked to every direction.
Confused, Steve approached him.
“Uhh..Frizz? What are you doing?”
Frizz turned to Steve.
“Just making sure the coast is clear.”
Steve checked the street. It, and the surroundings, appeared to be empty.
“Because what I’m about to tell, is sort of…sensitive…”
Now, Steve was getting worried. What was it that he wanted to tell, that was apparently so sensitive, so he has to check if an entire street is empty of people?
Frizz cleared his throat, and said:
“Do you remember me telling you that I wanted to continue my magic studies?”
“Well, yes. You told me inside the tavern.”
“I’ve come up with a decision.”

“Then how come he’s so careful telling me it?” Steve thought.
Frizz looked a little uneasy. He seemed to have a hard time telling Steve.
“I, uh….”
He shook his head.
“I am going to continue studying the arts of black magic!”
Shocked, Steve accidentally drops his staff down on the ground. It makes a little bounce, before rolling away down the street, until it came to a stop, about 3 meters away from Steve.

Steve stared at Frizz, who stared back at him.
“Frizz…. Did you just say…”
“Yes, I did. And I mean it, Steve. I am going to study more advanced black magic than those that we learned from Alexander.”
Steve couldn’t believe the words coming out of Frizz. Was this really his friend talking?
“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that, Frizz.”
Now, Frizz seemed to get angered, as he crossed his arms and turned his eyes to the golden sky.
“I didn’t ask for your permission, Steve. I simply wanted to tell you my choice.”
At this moment, it was Steve’s turn to get angered. With a suppressed anger, he spoke to Frizz:
“I am going to get my staff now… And I hope you will have a change of heart when I come back!”
Steve then turned his back towards Frizz, and approached his staff.
“I am going to persuade Frizz so that he won’t think about that kind of thing again. I surely hope it’s just the ale talking. But he seems to be sober. Hmmm, I’ll have to think of a way to…”

As Steve bent down and got a grip of his staff, Frizz spoke a spell!
A small, green ball of energy appeared out of Frizz’s wand and struck Steve’s back. Before he understood it, he flew several meters down the street and crashed into it with his face first and started to roll a few turns before stopping.
Steve immediately stood up and took a tight grip on his staff. Furious, he looked at Frizz, who still had his wand pointed at Steve.
Blood was dropping down on the street, and Steve felt with his left hand on his nose. It was bleeding. He removed the hand and said to Frizz:
“Frizz… That was very unnecessary of you, attacking a man with his back faced to you. You appear to have forgotten Alexander’s one rule about fighting.”
Frizz smiled, still pointing the staff at Steve.
“I found it completely satisfying to me. I feel no shame, so it can’t be bad, can it?”
Steve now felt an anger starting to take form inside him. He felt the urge to scream, he wanted to curse him. What had gotten into his mind? Why was he acting like this?
“Have you gone totally mad, Frizz? Or are you just drunk? Because the Frizz I knew for about 15 minutes ago, would never attack his own friend while he had his back turned to him!”
Frizz sighed, and shook his head.
“I just realised something, Steve…”

But Steve didn’t let him finish.
“Frizz. I don’t know what has gotten into you, but I’m going to fix it. I do not like the idea of you becoming a mindless toy that is corrupted by darkness, because the darkness will take you over if you advance in the arts of black magic! This, you know as well as I do!”
Frizz watched Steve as he talked. For a moment, Frizz face caught a glimpse of doubt. He stopped pointing his wand at Steve, and put it in his pocket instead. He then stood and watched down at the street.
“Maybe he is having a change of heart… Perfect, maybe now I can get him to forget about black magic.”
Steve approached Frizz, who was still looking down at the street.
“Please, Frizz… Don’t throw away 6 months of friendship for something you will regret for the rest of your life. Don’t become just another corrupt black mage. Please…”
Steve then stretched forward his arm, offering Frizz his hand. A lot of thoughts ventured through Steve’s mind at the moment. Steve was getting sad, as he saw his friend looking down at the street. He never suspected this to happen between them. He was on the verge of pleading to Frizz to ignore the black magic. But he resisted the urge, and started to talk again, this time however, with a more low voice and more pitiful.
“It’s your choice, Frizz. Either you can take my hand, and we will try to fix this. I will help you in any way I can, because I don’t want to lose you as my friend, Frizz.”
His voice was becoming more uneasy, he suspected that he would start to cry any minute.

“<sniff> Or you can ignore my hand, and walk over to the Black Tower, to study black magic, to become a powerful but mindless toy, bent on obeying his master’s command.”
Steve now noticed that his arm was shaking. So was Frizz, although in his case it wasn’t only his arm that was shaking. He himself was shaking totally, and his fists were clenched.
“Come on, Frizz. Don’t throw all this away…”
Just as Steve had thought this, Frizz started to move. He raised his arm, and were about to put his hand in Steve’s. But just as he was going to do it, he hesitated, and pulled it back. Frizz then took a few steps back, crossed his arms, and looked up at Steve.
“I choose option 2!”

As Frizz stood with his arms crossed, Steve looked into his eyes. They didn’t have a single hint of doubt anymore, neither did his face. Saddened, Steve pulled back his arm, and rubbed his eyes. He felt that tears would come any minute, but he did his best to try and prevent it. His voice betrayed him though, as he started to speak. You could hear that he was sad.
“….you choose option 2, huh? I’m sorry to hear that, Frizz….
Frizz looked down at the ground again, before replying:
“My mind is clear, Steve. There is nothing you can do about it…”
Now, Steve couldn’t hold back some tears, as he started sobbing. The coagulated blood made it difficult for him to breath through the nose, and his clothes were somewhat covered in blood.
“My friend, what have you become..? Why do you betray me so….? It’s just not fair.”
“It’s your decision, Frizz. If you want it this way, I can’t stop you.”
With those words, Steve once again turned his back to Frizz, and started walking. He did not look back, as it was too painful for him to do. He didn’t know what to say, except goodbye maybe.

“Goodbye, Frizz…”
But as Steve had walked away for a bit, Frizz screamed behind him, in desperation and anger. Steve turned to him again, and saw Frizz making gestures with his hands. He too, had tears in his eyes at this moment.
“What do you want me to say…?! You tell me it’s my decision… But I don’t really have a choice, do I?!
Steve yelled back at him.
“Of course you have a choice! You are just too ignorant to see it! The lust for power has clouded your mind, Frizz! Don’t you see that?!”
Steve was crying more than ever, and so did Frizz. Steve didn’t want to yell at his friend, but words that had to be said came out of him.
“Have you forgotten that I am not from this planet? That I have travelled through the universe for 2 years, against my will? Maybe you remember me telling you that on every single planet, I have met greedy people that hunger for power, who want to become the planet’s ruler or its purifier or whatever!”
Steve felt the urge of giving Frizz a beating, to beat some sense into his brain. But that would probably be the last straw for Frizz...
“And do you know what happened to those persons…? What I and my other friends did?”
His voice became stronger as he spoke.
“We stopped them… Every single one of them. So they either ended up killed, or locked in a dungeon of some sort. Because they were too ignorant to see, that with power comes great responsibilities. They thought that they would be invincible with all their power. But all they did, was determining a different fate than the one they were hoping for…”
Frizz still looked down at the ground.

“So you do have a choice, Frizz. You don’t have to study black magic to become powerful. Look at Alexander… Please Frizz, this decision of yours today, you are probably going to regret for the rest of your mindless life.”
Frizz looked up, and wiped the tears out of his face with his coat. He looked at Steve with a face Steve couldn’t read.
“Many thoughts must bounce back and forth in his head at this moment…”
“Steve… I’m sorry, but this is a thing I must do. And we could stand here and argue all night about it, but I still won’t change my mind.”
Now, Steve was the one looking down at the ground. He didn’t know what else to say…
“But perhaps if you come with me, Steve… That would probably be the best. In that way, we can’t possibly become enemies in the future…”
Immediately, Steve replied with a:
Frizz stood still for a moment, before walking off towards the city exit. Steve looked up, and saw him wander away.
“Why won’t you tell me why you are doing this, Frizz? What is it that determined you so much that you had to betray both me and Alexander, and all others living on this planet? For you know that black mages are despised at this planet. They are our enemy…”
Suddenly, Frizz stopped, about 10 meters away from Steve. He turned his head a bit, and looked at Steve over his shoulder.
“You know we probably will be enemies next time we meet…”
Steve sighed, and shook his head.

“I know…”
Frizz still looked at Steve. His face seemed to be clear of decisions now.
“Are you going to try and stop me, Steve? Are you going to stop me from venturing to the Black Tower?”
It took a while, before Steve replied.
Frizz then looked forward again, and raised his right hand a bit, so that his palm was about at the height of his chest.
“Well, then I too will give you a choice, Steve.
Steve then felt that he started to focus, that he started to draw magic from the surroundings. He was channelling some sort of spell.
“What is he up to?”
The question in Steve’s head was soon answered. A big fireball started to take shape in Frizz’s palm, as he continued to channel the magic to it. He also had his eyes on the nearby house, which was made entirely of wood. Steve thought quickly.
“Frizz…You’re not going to… Innocent people live in there, Frizz!”
But Frizz didn’t seem to listen to Steve, as he continued to mumble the magic words.
“Frizz, don’t!”
Frizz was then completed, it seemed. He pulled back his hand…
Frizz then threw the fireball with great strength, and it hit the house with a loud explosion…

The house immediately caught fire. As the smoke from the blast vanished, Steve saw giant flames burst out from the place where the fireball had struck. And it was quickly spreading…
In desperation and anger, Steve turned to Frizz.
“What do you think you’re doing, Frizz?! Put out the fire at once!”
But Frizz merely looked at Steve with a pitiful look. He smiled, before he spoke.
“You have two options, Steve. You could either follow me, and try to stop me from reaching the Black Tower. But this would lead to the family’s death.

As Frizz spoke, several doors were thrown open as townsfolk ran out to the street, to see what was going on. The houses next to the one that was currently burning, started to catch fire as well. But just as Steve noticed that, the doors opened and the families ran out, frightened and with their eyes at the flames.
“Or you could try and rescue the family inside the burning house. This would lead to the fact that I will reach the Black Tower before you could have a chance to stop me, Steve.”
Steve didn’t know what to do. He looked at the townsfolk, that looked at the flames, confused and scared. He looked at the burning house, which currently held a trapped family inside. He looked at Frizz, who still had his eyes on Steve.
Some people were screaming, some others were pointing, and others called for guards. But Frizz didn’t seem to mind. His smile disappeared though, as he turned his back at Steve, and said:
“Feel free to tag along…..Stefan. I’m going. With…or without you.”

He then started to walk towards the exit. Steve, disoriented, still looked at Frizz and the house.
“Oh, God, what should I do? I never suspected this to happen…”
He put his staff at his back. He could hear the screams inside the house, and the townsfolk call for guards. Steve then clenched his fists, and yelled out into the air:
“Damn you, Frizz!!”
He then ran to the burning house, and stopped in front of it. The townsfolk now stared at Steve instead, as Steve started to draw out the magic… He held his hands together, and slowly pulled them from each other, revealing a big, sparkling ball of light.

“Flames be gone!!”
He threw the spark at the building, which split into several parts and bounced down the roof. He then repeated the same procedure.
“Flames be gone!!”
Again, he threw it at the roof.
“Flames be gone!!”
But nothing seemed to happen. The flames weren’t getting weaker.
“It’s already out of control! The flames are too strong for me to handle alone… I need Alexander, quick!”
He turned his face towards the townsfolk, who had gathered around him and the burning houses. With a voice of steel, he called out to them.
“This flame is too strong for me to handle alone! Someone must get Alexander, quickly! The others will build a chain from here to the dock, so that we can transport water to the house so we can try and put the flames out! Hurry, there is a family who still lives inside!!”
People started running towards the dock. Some others ran into the nearby houses and came out with pots and buckets. One person started to run towards Alexander’s house. But there were two people who didn’t move an inch. A man and a woman, who watched both the flames and Steve with tears in their eyes. The woman quickly approached Steve, and grabbed his shoulders.

“It is we that live in this house! But our daughter is still in there! Please, you have to do something to rescue my daughter!!”
She was sad, as tears continually appeared in her eyes. The man walked towards her, and watched Steve with the same sadness and outrage.
“She’s only 5 years old. And she’s our only child. Please, wizard. Save our daughter, before it’s too late…”
He then grabbed his wife’s arms, and pulled her backwards. She screamed while she kicked him and punched him. The man grinned to this, but his eyes were focused at Steve, as they pleaded him to put out the flames.
Steve didn’t know what to do, so he turned his face to the window at the second floor. He then focused, and spoke the spell again.
“Flames be gone!!”
He threw it into the room, and it disappeared in the smoke. Suddenly, someone was standing in the window. It was a little girl! And she was screaming.

“Mommy! Daddy!”
The man and the woman looked up to the window as well. Their eyes went wide, as they saw her.
“Tanya! Jump!”
The man followed his wife’s example.
“Jump, Tanya! It’s your only chance!”
Steve realised what they were thinking. If the little girl jumped, Steve could slow down her fall, making her land on the ground with a slight thud, but if she doesn’t jump, she will surely die. Because Steve couldn’t possibly enter the house, since the flames were so strong, and the heat was nearly unbearable. And he didn’t have the knowledge to float up to the window and get the girl himself. Only Alexander can do that…
“Why isn’t he here yet?!”
Steve then too started to cry out to the girl:
“Please, little girl! If you don’t jump, you will surely die! I’ll slow your fall, it won’t hurt at all!”
The little girl coughed as she looked down to the street. She was frightened, and it wasn’t the flames cause only, Steve thought. She was afraid of the height…

“I’m scared, daddy! I can’t jump…”
“Of course you can! Trust this stranger, he is a wizard! He speaks the truth!”
“Please, God, make her jump. Don’t let her burn to death…”
“I can’t! Mommy, daddy!”
The woman sank to her knees, as she put her hands to her face and started to cry. She, too, was screaming. The man was quickly there, as he put his hands on her shoulders.
Steve felt that he was running out of time. The roof would collapse any minute now, as the flames started to grow even bigger.
“Please, just jump!! Why won’t you trust me, Tanya?! I’ll catch you, I promise. Just jump, please don’t stay in the window!”
But Steve now saw that it was too late. The flames had took a hold in her room, and they were starting to lick her hair. It soon started to burn.
The little girl screamed in pain, as she fell backwards into the room again. She continued to scream, and Steve went nuts when he heard it. He started to focus, channelling the same spell as before. But this time, he didn’t seem to stop. The sparkling thing was getting bigger in his hands, as he continued to draw magic from the surroundings. Steve started to feel a headache, as he was using up too much of his powers. But still, he didn’t stop.

The spark was getting bigger, as Steve still channelled it. He felt like his head were about to explode, but he could still hear the little girl’s scream of pain. Steve felt that he was starting to shake, as the magic was getting uncontrollable. He was starting to cross the line for what he could handle. The spark was now as big as himself.
He then focused his last ounce of powers, and spoke the words:
With this said, he threw the spark at the house. With a big BANG, the spark split in several smaller parts, and bounced down the roof and into every little corner where the flames had caught. It stared to grow weaker, as it became smaller and smaller.
Steve collapsed on the ground, but he turned his eyes towards the window. No scream could be heard inside.
“Too late… She’s dead…”
As Steve finally saw the chain of people with different water buckets in their hands, and Alexander approaching in the distance, he went unconscious with one thought in his head:
“I failed her…”

As this memory struck Steve with full force, he fell down on the ground, ending up standing on his knees, while trying to get rid of the memory. He saw that drops of blood were falling down on the grass. They came from his nose…
“What did you see…?”
Frizz stood on the same spot, with his arms crossed, and with his eyes on Steve. He smiled…it was the smile of something sinister, something evil.
“You know damn well what I saw.”
Steve got up again, and the nose bleed stopped, as the blood started to coagulate. He had his staff on the back, as he watched Frizz if he would make any sudden movement. But Frizz didn’t move a muscle.
“You provoked me to see this memory, just because you know it would make me weak. Then, it would be quite an easy task to finish me off. Well, Frizz, that’s just not going to happen!!”
But then, Frizz started laughing. A cold, lifeless laugh compared to the laughter Steve had heard from him before. This was just too much…

“Oh, you think so? That I wanted to weaken you, before I kill you?”
Frizz shook his head and put his hands in his pockets.
“No, Steve. I simply wanted to remind you that we aren’t that different as you think…”
Steve got angered, and started to yell at Frizz.
“We used to be the same, Frizz! But now, you’re just a cold blooded killer! You killed an innocent child that day, and for that, I will never forgive you!”
Frizz looked down at the ground, and seemed to be a little annoyed.
“It wasn’t me who killed that girl, Steve… It was you.”
Confused, Steve got angrier.
“What? Enough of this nonsense! You were the one that torched the building!”
“But you didn’t do a single thing to try and stop it.”
Steve took a grip on his staff, and stared at Frizz.

“Be careful on what you say, Frizz. You’re starting to anger me…”
Frizz pulled out his hands from his pockets, and with it, the oak wand which he now held in his right hand, pointing it at Steve.
“You only tried when it was too late. You knew that the petty fire destruction spell you channelled wouldn’t help, you needed to draw out all the magic from your surroundings if it were going to be powerful enough to destroy the flames. And yet you only did that when it was too late.”
Steve froze in his actions, still holding a grip on the staff which still resided on his back.
“Because you were afraid of dying. Every magic-wielder knows that if you draw out too much magic, you will only end up destroying yourself, since you can’t handle that sort of power. You could’ve saved that little girl, Steve, but you didn’t…”
Now, Frizz, still pointing the staff at Steve, were starting to approach him.
“So you see, Steve. I’m not the killer here… You are. You killed that girl, Steve. Which makes you a cold-blooded murderer…”
Steve cried out, pulled out his staff, and immediately casted a spell on Frizz.

Bolts of lighting were coming out of Steve’s staff, heading directly at Frizz. Frizz dodged them, making the lightning bolts strike the ground instead. It went off in a small explosion, making earth and grass flying all over the place. Steve continued to fire, but Frizz kept dodging. Steve was crying and screaming, he threw the lightning bolts all over the place.
After a while, Steve’s powers depleted, and he was breathing heavily, with tears still coming out of his eyes. The glade in the forest was now filled with craters of all sizes. And Frizz was standing in the middle of it all, with that constant smile on his face.
“If that’s the best you can do, this is going to be too easy. You’re already exhausted, and I’m just warming up.”
Steve too knew this. He was exhausted, but Frizz wasn’t even sweating. Steve didn’t quite know what he could do, since Frizz was too fast for him to handle alone. But he couldn’t just leave…
But then, Frizz stopped smiling and turned around, to look into the forest. He lowered his wand, and seemed to be listening to something. Steve didn’t hear a thing, even though he focused. After a while, Frizz put his wand back into his pocket, and started walking into the forest.
Shocked, Steve didn’t say anything at first, but he soon snapped out of it, and yelled:

“Where do you think you’re going?!”
Frizz stopped, and turned his head so that he looked at Steve over his shoulder.
“My Master is summoning the black mages. It’s time for me to go.”
“Your master..? How can you hear him, when he’s on another planet?”
Then, without warning, Frizz laughed again. Steve didn’t knew what was so funny, so he didn’t say anything.
“He can do a lot of things, Steve. I sincerely hope that you will meet him someday…”
And without another word, Frizz entered the forest. He soon vanished, leaving Steve with a head full of questions. At first, Steve didn’t move, he only watched the place where Frizz had disappeared. After a few minutes, he winked his eyes and looked at the destruction that he had caused. Everywhere, it was either small or big holes, the glade now looked like a battlefield.
Steve had also accidentally hit some trees, and their roots were now pointing up, revealing worms, spiders and other things that live under the roots of a tree. They were running everywhere it seemed, and Steve couldn’t help it but feel sorry for them.
“I lost it and ruined their homes…”
Steve went over to a nearby tree and sat down, leaning his back towards it. He took off his backpack, put his staff next to it, and sighed. He thought about what had just happened, that he still felt exhausted from all those lightning spells, and the thing that Frizz said:

“He can do a lot of things….I sincerely hope that you will meet him someday….”
Steve sighed heavily.
“Frizz…It’s been a long time since we met each other. And now, you appeared out of the blue just like that, making me remember that day when the world disappeared underneath my foots. The day you betrayed me…”
Steve felt that he was about to start crying again, but he shook his head and tried to get rid of the feeling. He couldn’t cry all the time...”
“That day, Frizz, you left my world and took a piece of me with you… And I think that I too took a piece from you, when I didn’t try and stop you…Maybe I should’ve followed you instead. I couldn’t do anything to save Tanya anyway. I choose option 2, but ended up with nothing…”
Now, Steve started to hear something. He looked up, to find a bird circling above the glade. But that was no ordinary bird... Steve had never seen any bird like that before. It appeared to be looking for something, as it flew above the glade. Steve could hear that its song sounded comforting and trusting... Before he knew it, the bird disappeared in the clouds, and the song could not be heard anymore.
It was then that Steve grabbed his backpack, stood up and put it on. He grabbed his staff, and started to channel a spell. The magic was being drawn from around him, and he focused to the fullest to complete the spell.

He pointed his staff at the glade, and in just moments, the holes started to fill up again, with the earth and grass around it, the very same earth and grass that had been blown away.
In a matter of minutes, all traces of the battle had vanished, and the glade was now just as it was when he had came here. Satisfied, Steve started to walk into the forest also, back the way he came. And his thoughts started to wander to Frizz yet again...
“Frizz. You are out there, somewhere. You didn’t come to this planet just to find me… You are up to something, and I am going to find out what it is…”
As Steve continued to walk, he soon came out of the forest, seeing the plain of grass he had crossed a few hours ago. He could hear the wind blowing gently over the grass, he could hear water from a river somewhere, and far away he could see the sunset. Steve thought that all this looked beautiful, so that he had to stop and watch it all.
“Wherever you are, Frizz… I will find you. And when I do, I will release you from the darkness that has corrupted your spirit for so long… Then, we will defeat this “Master” together!”
Steve then started to walk over the plain of grass again, as the sunset was right before him, far away somewhere. This, Steve thought, was one of the few pleasures in life.
“To see a sunset is one magical thing indeed…”
He then disappeared in the grass......

The End
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zuzynka Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
sorry for the double-posting, my computer is getting crazy.
zuzynka Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
interesting, I like the way you threw readers inside the story - it seems so natural... and also despite the changing of time and place you didn´t confuse anybody and explained what had happened very clearly. the story will be continued?

maybe you can change "Artist's comment" and "Complete piece" - you know you´ve got to write the comment first and then put there the writing, the change is easy - "Edit deviation" below the title and then edit what you need. it is a minor detail, of course.
and I must say I don´t like the expression "option 2", I don´t know why, I´d prefer something like the second option at least - again a small thing but i found it disturbing.
otherwise it´s nice imaginery
zuzynka Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
interesting, I like the way you threw readers inside the story - it seems so natural... and also despite the changing of time and place you didn´t confuse anybody and explained what had happened very clearly. the story will be continued?

maybe you can change "Artist's comment" and "Complete piece" - you know you´ve got to write the comment first and then put there the writing, the change is easy - "Edit deviation" below the title and then edit what you need. it is a minor detail, of course.
and I must say I don´t like the expression "option 2", I don´t know why, I´d prefer something like the second option at least - again a small thing but i found it disturbing.
otherwise it´s nice imaginery
MasterOfSuspence Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
Well, thank you for giving me advice on it all! I am trying to improve my writing with these short stories, so I greatly appriciate it that you tell me what you think.
Don't worry about the double post, I don't mind =D

I didn't know the thing about "Artist's Comment" and "Complete Piece" actually...I'm still new here, you see =P
Thank you again, I'll try to fix it right away!
zuzynka Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
I had the same problems at the beginning and there were others to help me so I´m just passing the knowledge I was given :)
I hope you'll enjoy your stay here, it is such a terrific place.
Be sure I come round to see what you'll write...
Feel free to ask if you need something.

Be creative and comment to be commented!!!! :wave:
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